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If you've already bought it from packix, send me the receipt to gifts you the tweak.

1.49$ only for 7 days

Supports Checkra1n, Taurine, Odyssey and unc0ver!

ARCHS = arm64 arm64e

IOS 12 -13 - 14

You Device Your way

is an all-in-one jailbreak tweak for customizing the iOS platform.

More than 250 features

Features sections of the tweak

Alerts - Animations - App Switcher - Home Screen - Dock - Folders- Keyboard - Lock Screen- Random Colors - Status Bar - Others - Colors System wide - Music Player - Hide Stuff - Users request - user's Guide - 3D menu

You can see IDownloadBlog post about this tweak or you can see my Description

Sections details


  1. Custom Message Font Size For alerts
  2. Custom Title Font Size For alerts 
  3. Custom Message Font Size For ActinSheet
  4. Custom Message Font Size For ActinSheet
  5. Custom light or Dark alerts and actionsheet
  6. Big button Size
  7. Show oe hide separates
  8. Make button vertically 
  9. Make corners square 
  10. Dismissed by typ outside 
  11. Hide cancel button 
  12. Cutom color for alerts Title and messages 


  1. Slider to speed up inside apps
  2. Slider to speed up springboard 
  3. Slider to speed up notifications and banner
  4. Slider to slow down inside apps
  5. Slider to slow down springboard 
  6. Slider to slow down notifications and banner
  7. prevent Flyin for apps and icons 
  8. Remove folder open animation
  9. passcode animation
  10. keypad animation
  11. No animation when unlocking device 
  12. No battery animations on LA

App Switcher 

  1. kill all apps with one swipe Down 
  2. change cards custom size
  3. change title color for switcher
  4. grid switcher with custom size
  5. show hide statusbar in switcher
  6. Animation to switcher
  7. Animation switcher 2
  8. Hide titel
  9. hide icon
  10. remove background blur
  11. change background color with custom color 
  12. change apps name color
  13. change apps name in switcher


  1. Banner style height, cornerRadius, Offset
  2. custom Banners border 
  3. Banner borders like app icon color
  4. Hide banner icon
  5. Hide banner Title 
  6. Hide banner message 
  7. Banner background color like app icon
  8. Custom banner blur
  9. Custom blur amount 
  10. Custom banner text color
  11. Custom banner Title color
  12. Custom font size 

Home Screen 

  1. Custom Labels Color
  2. Custom labels Border color
  3. Hide labels 
  4. Custom badge color
  5. Custom numbers of badges colors
  6. Custom badges shapes 
  7. Hide badges 


  1. Custom dock background image
  2. Custom dock background color
  3. Set dock alpha 
  4. Ipad dock 
  5. Enable 5 icons dock for iphone
  6. Enable 8 icons for ipad dock


  1. Custom Folder corner radius
  2. Custom Folder background alpha
  3. Custom Folders background color
  4. Custom folders forground color
  5. Custom folders Title text colors 
  6. Custom folders name color


  1. Custom normal keyboard color
  2. Soft keyboard 
  3. Custom soft keyboard color
  4. And there is more for keyboard in others

Lock Screen 

  1. Hide time and date
  2. Hide only date
  3. Hide only time
  4. Hide lunar
  5. Set Lock Screen alpha 
  6. Custom poitioning For date and time Y and X
  7. Alignment left.center.right 
  8. Random colors for Lock Screen 
  9. Custom time and date colors 
  10. Custom time font size
  11. Custom date font size 

Random Colors 

  1. Colorized Icons Labels with random colors
  2. Colorized Icons Border Labels with random colors
  3. Colorized System specters with random colors
  4. Colorized Page dots with random colors
  5. Colorized Look Screen with random colors
  6. Colorized Battery with random colors
  7. Colorized Wifi with random colors
  8. Colorized Cellular with random colors
  9. Colorized Badge with randomcolors
  10. Colorized Scroll with random colors
  11. Colorized All System with random colors and colorized “Facebook.Instagram.Twitter.FBMessenger.Whatsapp.Viber.Discord.Phone app.Settings” and so many others apps after you use the tweak you will know them

12. Colorized Cursor with random colors

13. Colorized 3D menu with random colors

14. Colorized Copy & paste menu with random colors

15. Colorized Homebar with random colors

16. Colorized InCall time and callbar with random colors

17. Colorized Alerts text with random colors

18.Keep the best for the last 3 kinds of keyboard 

. Soft Keyboard with random colors

. Normal Keyboard with random colors

. Keyboard with random colors glowing Change color every 6 sec

Status Bar

  1. Battery body color
  2. battery bolt color
  3. change battery color every 5% with custom color
  4. you can change battery size
  5. Custom wifi color active and inactive colors
  6. Custom cellular color active and inactive colors
  7. Add Custom time and date in statusbar
  8. Remove notch
  9. Hide all statusbar icons 
  10. Custom color for text and other items in status bar


  1. Lock Screen need Face ID to open
  2. Dubble tap on homebar to lock device 
  3. Wifi info
  4. Hide homebar
  5. Hide page dots
  6. Hide widge names
  7. Hide no older notifications 
  8. Hide badges 
  9. Presents Control center when use reachability
  10. Hide CC grabber
  11. Auto unlock with face id only

Hide Stuff

  1. Hide Breadcurmbs
  2. Hide specters lines
  3. Hide Cellular bar on SB
  4. Hide beta dots
  5. Hide Tab labels 
  6. Hide icons from SB VPN.LTE and more
  7. Hide Scroll bar
  8. Hide Statusbar in CC
  9. Hide time from SB
  10. Hide wifi from SB
  11. Hide 5G 4G from SB
  12. Hide battery from SB
  13. Hide update dots from HS
  14. Hide dock
  15. Hide dock background 
  16. Hide X button in HS
  17. Hide widget footer
  18. Hide LS padlock
  19. Hide face id glyph
  20. Hide Do Not Disturb banner from LS
  21. Hide swipe to open from LS
  22. Hide Quick action toggle from LS
  23. Hide camera toggle from LS
  24. Hide flash light from LS
  25. Hide folder Title 
  26. Hide folder background 
  27. Hide folder blur

Music Player

  1. Custom Size in LS
  2. Custom position X&Y
  3. Custom Alpha 

Users request

1. Hide Charging View in LS

2. Custom Large Titel System wide

3. Custom Carrier Name

4. Custom Swipe Up to open

3D menu 

  1. 3D menu color like app icon
  2. 3D menu alpha
  3. 3D menu color depth
  4. copy bundle id from 3D menu
  5. clear badges from 3D menu

Home Bar

  1. Home bar Custom ridius
  2. Home bar Custom width
  3. Home bar Custom height
  4. Home bar hide
  5. Home bar randomly color

user's Guide inside the tweak

Important Important Important you need to install lipimagepicker and Alderis Color Picker

Full support turkish translate

Full Support Arabic translate

You can request the language that you want

 You can see more in photos

Rufund agreement Rufund only if there is problems i n tweak there is no trying time there is no not what i looking for no not what i need you can rufund only if tweak not working you must send me the crash reports and i will check it if some of your tweak Opposing with 1ONE i will tell you and help you to fix it 

    • Information
      • Name: 1ONE
      • Category: Tweaks
      • iOS: 11 - 15
      • Developer: mostafa mahmood
      • Identifier: com.mostafa89.1one
      • Version: 1.3.3
      • Downloads: 0


mostafa mahmood

mostafa mahmood

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