Fajar Tegar Laksono

Are you tired of mechanical scrolling slavery? We know how annoying and tiring it is.. Let's end this boring routine by adding this Tweak within seconds. It perfectly fits social reading. Working or busy hands? In front of , PC, TV? Party?! We will leave it for you and your colorful imagination.

  • AutoScroll Cydia tweak very easy to use even you can use it for the Recent Call list and iOS Photo app. Also, AutoScroll perfectly fine for Twitter, Pinterest, FaceBook, Webpage, even for ebooks.
  • AutoScroll has three different scrolling gestures like Slow / Medium fast / Fast. Actually,
  • AutoScroll Scrolling speed is based on your finger flicking speed. While on auto Scrolling you can stop anytime by using finger.

Review Tweak Video (Big thanks Silzee for nice review on Youtube)

    • Information
      • Name: AutoScroll
      • Category: Tweaks
      • iOS: 9 - 15
      • Developer: Fajar Tegar Laksono
      • Identifier: com.pxcex.autoscroll
      • Version: 1.0.0
      • Downloads: 0


Fajar Tegar Laksono

Fajar Tegar Laksono

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