mostafa mahmood
Only to color lovers, you will not determine the color. The color will determine you  Its about Rundom Colors and RGB colors and adapt Colors for all your system and apps Rundom Colors for Notifications and banners "Heade and Background and Text" and RGB Glowing Notifications Headers Rundom Colors for Keyboard RGB colors Glowing Keyboard Soft Keyboard Rundom Colors For Homescreen we have Rundom Colors for " Icon Label,Icon label Border,Page Dots,Badge,Folders Background" Home bar Rundom Colors Rundom Colors for LockScreen date and time text Battery Rundom Colors Wifi and Cellular Rundom Colors Scroll Bar Rundom Colors System Separator Rundom Colors Alerts Text Rundom Colors  Music On LockScreen Rundom Colors All System Rundom Colors will be evry where and all apps Glowing System text Rundom Colors like time in Statusbar and others
    • Information
      • Name: ColorMyth
      • Category: Tweaks
      • iOS: 12 - 15
      • Developer: mostafa mahmood
      • Identifier: com.mostafa89.colorme
      • Version: 1.0
      • Downloads: 0


mostafa mahmood

mostafa mahmood

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