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Developer Policy

Pluto Repo is a legal entity owned and operated by Pluto Repo Networks LLP. By using the service, you agree to all our terms and policies. Pluto Repo, holds all the rights to take necessary actions in case of any misconduct of the services without any explanation.

How to enrol in the developer/seller program?

We at Pluto Repo really appreciate your interest to participate in our developer/seller program. As of now the process to enrol in our program is manually processed by the admin on duty. So, if you want to work with us, you may contact us on Twitter @plutorepo or send us an email at [email protected]. The processing time for such inquiries is two business days.

Legal obligations

In order to remain compliant with the government regulations, we might request your ID proof of being 18 and over, depending what the minimum age of maturity/ majority is in your country of origin or of current residence.

The sales tax we collect is governed under the instructions issued by the Reserve Bank of India, which as of now is 0% for services exported and 12% for domestic services. This tax collection and payment is handled solely by us (i.e., Pluto Repo).

On your end, you might or might not need to pay income tax or any relevant tax based on your local laws.

Dissemination of funds

In our current policy, the mutually agreed upon percentage cut is 25%. This is negotiable and is subject to change and scrutiny with respect to future actions or events by the seller.

Distribution of funds per transaction

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A transaction is assumed as the 100% of the whole amount paid for a package sale, we keep 25% (or the decided percentage) flat. It’s from our margin that the payment processor (Gateway) fee and Plutorepo Climate fund donation is deducted and based on the origin of the transaction the taxes are paid to our local authorities. Implying the developer keeps 75% of the transaction before the payouts.


Payouts Cycle

The standard payouts are issued through the 1st week of every month manually by the administrator(s) on duty, with automation coming later this year. One of the provisions in our payouts is that an intermittent/ partial payout is available if the developer faces any unforeseen circumstances and the decision to release the requested payout would be at the discretion of the admin on duty and cannot be challenged further by any other admin. This adds an element of flexibility and reliance for both parties involved.

Payout Gateways

The officially supported methods of payout is:

  • PayPal transfer
  • Xoom transfer
  • Wire
  • Wise (Formerly TransferWise)

Note: We are in the process of discussing possible payouts methods for developers and sellers in countries where these methods are not an option. We encourage you to contact us if you are a resident of an area/ country that doesn’t have access to aforementioned gateways, and we would like to hear your feedback and questions irrespective of what your relationship with our company is.


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